Legendär – Der erste Pumptrack seiner Art ist bereits 10 Jahre alt und in Bestform.

Gidney Serber, Shaper erster Stunde, verbingt jede freie Minute an seinem zweitem Wohnort. Es vergeht keine Woche in der neue Sprünge gebaut und neue Transfer Lines entdeckt werden.

Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind dann horben sie noch heute.

Eine Antwort zu “Horburgpark

  1. May22Nigel From my perspective (here in the UK), I belevie the biggest problem with today’s church is that far too many of the older generation want to keep the church to themselves, and are too mean to share it with anyone else. As an example, our son (aged 17) is a very keen organist, who is hoping to secure a cathedral post after studying music performance at Uni. He is greatly encouraged by the organists in our local cathedral churches, and is allowed and encouraged to play in them; but he is not allowed to play in our own parish because he is not old enough‘, and hasn’t had enough experience‘. Surely; isn’t the parish church precisely where we should be encouraging our young people to grow in faith, and to share their God given talents with others? Or am I missing something here?

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