Please Participate – Bitte Teilnehmen! Free Bikemovie at the end!

Liebe Mountainbiker, Ich brauche eure Unterstützung. Bitte füllt folgenden Fragebogen anlässlich einer Masterarbeit aus. Dauert ca. 6 Minuten und Ihr könnt Tageskarten gewinnen. Gerne könnt Ihr den Link auch noch sharen. Vielen Dank

Am Schluss des Fragebogens hats übrigens noch ein Link zum kompletten Lifecycles Film in HD ;-), kein Witz!

Dear Mountainbiker, I need your support. Please participate in following survey for a master thesis. It only takes around 6 minutes. I would appreciate if you share my post. Find a free bikemovie at the end!

Eine Antwort zu “Please Participate – Bitte Teilnehmen! Free Bikemovie at the end!

  1. Jul26Linda Walker Several years ago I led a women’s retreat with the thme, A Basketful of Blessings . We spent time shrnaig and naming blessings in our lives. I always include a take away‘ at these retreats and that year’s was two small bowls, one of which was filled with small pebbles. The idea was to put the bowls close together and when you saw them to pause, think of a blessing in your life and then move a pebble from one bowl to the other. It was meant to be a visual reminder of the blessings in your life. I got a tremendous amount of positive feedback for this spiritual practice‘ and many of the women have continued to use this on a daily basis. Hopefully I helped to change a few brain cells.

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